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The True Bacon Burger
Serves 8-10
Alternative Ingredients are listed in Red

Qty Size Ingredient
75% by wt Lean Ground Beef
25% by wt Apple Smoked Bacon
...or Hickory
...or Mesquite
...or Pecan
...or Honey
...or Bourbon
...or (*cough*, *choke*) Canadian

Finely chop the bacon in a food processor (or by hand) into "bacon bits".  DO NOT purée, but the smaller the bits, the easier it will blend in with the hamburger.

In a fry pan par-cook the bacon to about half done... still a bit pink with a few golden brown spots.  If you cook it too much (or use prepackaged bacon bits) it will have a gritty texture once you grill the burgers.

Pour the par-cooked bacon through a fine mesh strainer and let stand to cool.  Reserve that liquid-gold grease for another day, or to fry, or flat-top grill your burgers.  Your cooked bacon bits should be about the same size as the bits of ground beef.

Mix the cooled bacon bits in with the burger meat WITHOUT mashing the ground beef!  If you "work" the ground beef too much it will make the burgers tough.  That's why I recommend grinding your own beef, then you can just mix the bacon bits in with the chucks of beef to be ground.

Form your burgers as usual and blow their minds!!

(see also Chipotle Zinfandel Burgers and Perfect Burgers and White Castle Sliders


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