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Welcome to the Cream of the Crop of web humor...  at least as I see it.  Hopefully you share the same sense of humor as I.  If so, sit back and enjoy the fruits of my efforts.

A word of warning.  If you are faint of heart, this site is not for you.  Although I have sequestered the most blatant and offensive in the Sex & X section, there will still be a bit of profanity or sexual explicitness in some of the rest of the fare.  Lector caveo!

That having been said, stay as long as you like, tell your friends, and come back often.  And above all, please feel free to leave any questions, suggestions or submissions you like.

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Dan Griffin@TheJokeFest

NOTE:  Friends. . . family members . . . and other visitors.  If something here says "an actual newspaper article" or "a real 911 call", it probably really isn't!  Please don't send me a nastigram telling me how you checked Snopes and there is no such "whatever".  These are not life lessons, they're jokes!!!  (enjoy)

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