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(aka White Castle Burgers)
2 servings

(12 burgers)
Alternative Ingredients are listed in Red

Qty Size Ingredient
4 oz Ground Sirloin
8 oz Ground Chuck
12 oz Hamburger
6 oz Finely Chopped Spanish Onion
3 slices American Cheese
24 rounds Sliced Sweet Pickle
1 pkg SaraLee Classic Dinner Rolls (12 pack, of course)
½ pkg Hot Dog Buns (typically 8 buns to a pack)
Butter (not Margarin)
1 Basting Cover *

Heat up a flat gill (griddle) to 325º.  While the grill is warming up, mix ground sirloin and chuck together and divide into one ounce portions.  Or if you are using hamburger, divide it up likewise.  Flatten one ounce portions to about ¼" thick.  You should end up with about a 2" square of meat.  Using a straw, ball point pen tube or whatever you might have handy, to make 5 holes in each patty.  One in the center and one in each corner.  The holes have to be holes, clean through.  to let the steam from the onions through to help cook the patties.  That's the idea.  That's how White Castle did it! (does it (?))

Slice rolls in two, horizontally, and butter.  If you are using hot dog buns, slice off the rounded ends of the buns and cut the remainder into three equal parts (yielding 12 little burger buns).

Slice each of the three slices of cheese into four equal pieces.  Get your 24 pickle slices ready, 12 pairs of course, and get your finely chopped onions ready along with a tablespoon to portion them out with.

Drop the buttered buns onto the griddle and toast to a golden brown.  Place a small tablespoon (about level) of onions in a flat pile (that's an oxymoron I believe) on the griddle, place a patty on the onions and cover.  The burgers will turn completely and uniformly gray-brown when done.  Basically, they are being steamed cooked with onion juice.  Check occasionally but try to keep them covered as much as you can until done.

I find it easiest to use a set of tongs to turn the burgers over (you don't want to scoop up the onions yet).  Once the burgers are cooked to perfection, place your quarter slice of American Cheese on it, scoop up the burger, onions and all and place on your perfectly browned buns and garnish.

I've found that if you are cooking for two, four burgers at a time is best, for one to be able to eat them while they are still hot.  And of course, don't forget the home made French Fries to go with them!  (see: Belgian Fries)


* You can't make White Castle Burgers without one!  You can buy a Basting Cover from a restaurant supply for about $10-$20.  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, materials (mostly aluminum) and brand names.  A larger one would be preferable so that you could steam 4 burgers at a time while using less griddle real estate.  Originally, White Castle used tin covers, and now they use aluminum.  (see: Accessories)

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