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Cooked Frosting
    Egg whites + Sugar + Flavoring  Seven-minute frosting is the classic cooked frosting.  The mixture is combined in the top of a double boiler, gently heated, while continuously beating with a mixer.  Forming a meringue which holds its shape because the egg whites are cooked.

Whipped Cream Frosting
    Whipped cream + Powdered sugar + Flavoring  The cornstarch in the powdered sugar helps stabilize the frosting.  It is possible to overbeat this type of frosting, so just beat until firm peaks appear.  Cakes, cookies and cupcakes with this type of frosting must be refrigerated.

Royal Icing
    Egg whites + Powdered sugar + Liquid  This icing is usually colored with gel, paste or liquid food coloring to be used for decorating.  The classic consistency for royal icing is about the consistency of pancake batter, since it's used in pastry bags with decorating tips.  Sets quickly to hold it's shape.  Stiff, Medium and Flood consistencies are used for various purposes.  Glycerine is often added to prevent the icing from setting too hard.

Buttercream Frosting
  1. American: Softened butter + Powdered sugar + Milk + Vanilla.

    A very simple buttercream since it is easy to produce and make.  All the ingredients are mixed together in a kitchen mixer.  Yet, it can taste very sweet and rich.  Most grocery stores and chain bakeries will use American buttercream due to the ease of producing it.

  2. Swiss: Softened butter + Corn syrup + Egg whites + White sugar.

    Light and less sweet.  The egg whites, corn syrup, and sugar are lightly whipped together over a "bain marie" (double boiler), then whipped in a kitchen mixer until cooled.  Softened butter is added to make a glossy and fluffy buttercream.

  3. French: Butter + Sugar syrup + Egg yolks.

    A Swiss buttercream with yolks instead of whites.  The egg yolks are whipped in a kitchen mixer and then hot sugar syrup is slowly poured into the yolks.  Softened butter and flavorings are added at the end.  The most delicate and melts easily.  It is a soft, pale butter color due to the egg yolks.

  4. Italian: Softened butter + Sugar syrup + Egg whites + White sugar.

    Homemade sugar syrup is added to whipped egg whites and sugar.  Since you pour the sugar syrup into the beaten egg whites, it is very easy to "mess up" and pour the syrup too fast, OR too slow.  This tastes and looks like swiss buttercream.

How Much to Make:

Size # Layers Amount
Amounts are for covering the top, sides and between layers.
6 inch 2 3 cups
8 inch 2 3½ cups
9 inch 2 4 cups
9 inch 3 5½ cups
10 inch 2 5 cups
12 inch 2 7 cups
14 inch 2 9 cups
6 inch 2 3½ cups
8 inch 2 4 cups
10 inch 2 6 cups
12 inch 2 7½ cups
14 inch 2 9½ cups
9 x 13 x 2 1 4 cups
Cupcakes 12 1 cup

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