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Strawberry Jelly
6-8 Cups

Qty Size Ingredient
4 lbs Fresh Strawberries
4 cups Raw Sugar
4 tbls Ball® Low/No Sugar Pectin
¼ cup Lemon Juice (NOT fresh)*

(FYI: Jelly is made from the juice ONLY, uses a modified corn starch like ClearJel® as a thickener and ends up clear.  Because of the particulates left behind in this method, technically it is JAM.)

Hull & wash the strawberries.  If you want to make jam instead of jelly, set aside ½# of the best strawberries to quarter and add during boiling.

Run the berries through a fruit & vegetable strainer** to purée and remove seeds.  Put strawberry purée in an eight quart, thick-bottomed sauce pan.  Add lemon juice, pectin and ¼ cup of the sugar and bring to a hard boil, stirring constantly with a whisk to fully incorporate the pectin without letting it clump.  Once it reaches a boil add the remaining sugar (add quartered strawberries here if persuing jam) and bring to a hard boil again until you get an internal temperature of 220º.***

If the pot threatens to boil over, remove from heat for a few seconds, then return to heat once it has subsided.

Let cool slightly, then skim off the foam that has accumulated.  Poor into your container(s).


If you are going to store these for a long time, use proper canning techniques.  For immediate use simply let set, covered, until cool to the touch, then refrigerate.

* Bottled lemon juice has a more stable and known pH, whereas, fresh squeezed lemons could be anywhere on the chart, from not acidic enough, to way to much.

** The KitchenAid® Fruit & Veg. strainer is one of the best.  Squeezo® is another very good one, but expensive.  Food mills generally do not do as well because they are too course to remove strawberry or raspberry seeds.  A good old blender and strainer of the right mesh will work just fine!  FYI.

*** Use a jelly or candy thermometer and boil until jelly/jam reaches the following temperature at an altitude of:
Sea Level 1,000 ft 2,000 ft 3,000 ft 4,000 ft 5,000 ft 6,000 ft 7,000 ft 8,000 ft
220°F 218°F 216°F 214°F 212°F 211°F 209°F 207°F 205°F

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