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Grilled Potato Pots
Serves 4

Qty Size Ingredient
2 med Russet Potatoes
2 strips Smoked Bacon
(smoked bacon doesn't stretch/shrink as much)
4 oz Sharp Cheddar Cheese (block)
8 Round Wooden Toothpicks
1 Melon Baller
1 Wire Cutter

First place the toothpicks in warm water and set aside for a good soaking.  Cut cheese into four equal chunks (should end up being about 1" cubes) and set aside.  Cut the two potatoes in half lengthwise, trim off the tips so that they will sit flat, and scoop out the middle of each (see image #1 below) with a melon baller or spoon.  Leave the walls and bottom about a ¼" thick.

Place upside down on the grill covered (close lid or tent with tin foil) until lightly brown.  You'll want your grill only med hot.  The flat top edges will tend to burn if you leave then too long or if the grill is too hot.  Check them occasionally for best results.  (see image #2 below)

Once the potato cups have been caramelized, remove them from the grill.  Cut the eight toothpicks in half (wire cutters work well).  Cut each slice of bacon in half lengthwise.  Wrap each cup with one of the half slices of bacon, securing each with four of the half toothpicks.  (see image #3 below)

Plop each of the four cubes of cheese into the potato pots.  Return pots to the grill, right side up, and covered.  Continue cooking until potato is done.  How long this takes depends on your grill/BBQ.  Poke them occassionally with a small knife or toothpick to check for doneness.  The bacon can also be used as a gauge as well, when the bacon is done, the potatoes will be done (generally).

If the grilling gods frown upon you and it looks like they might burn and they're not even close to being cooked . . . when nobody is looking, slip them off to a 250º oven for another 15-30 minutes to finish without turning black.  Of course you realize this will dry them out.  Aaaaah, just rename them crunchy buckets!



(These can be done in a 350º oven as well . . . killjoy!)

Pro tip:  Twist toothpicks BEFORE pulling them out to prevent bacon tear out.


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