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Pickled Red Onions
Makes 10-12 oz of Onions

Qty Size Ingredient
1 lg Red Onion
1 ea Mason Jar *
1 lg Garlic Clove (chopped, crushed, minced)
1 tbls Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
2 tbls Kosher Salt
2 tbls White Sugar
2 tbls Whole Coriander Seeds
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
2 tsp Whole Mustard Seeds
Red Wine Vinegar

Trim and peel onion.  Slice top to bottom (root to stalk), then slice sideways into ¼" crescents.  Cut the larger 2/3 of slices down to about 2" long so that all pieces are more or less uniform in size.

Place all the sliced onion into a clean mason jar.  The last few slices may need to be stuffed into the jar.  Just don't PACK the jar as tight as you can.  There needs to be room for all the other ingredients in amongst the slices of onion.

Fill the jar of onion half full with the water.  Fill the rest of the jar with the vinegar.  Pour all of the liquid (not the onion) into a sauce pan.  Add the rest of the ingredients to the sauce pan and bring to a full boil for a minute or so.  Then pour the mixure into the jar of onion to just below the top.  A ¼" gap is all you will need, but not more than ½" (and NOT completely full with no air).  If you come up short, add more vinegar.

Seal tightly and let cool to the touch before refrigerating for 1 month.


* A Mason Jar (or other sealable sterile container) is required in order to keep oxygen out of the container while it's pickling.  If it's not thoroughly sealed it will spoil curing the month-long pickling.

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