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Cubano Sandwich
Makes 2 sandwiches

Qty Size Ingredient
1 lbs Cubano Mojo Pulled Pork (see link below)
1 loaf Cubano Sandwich Loaf (see link below)
3 slices Boiled Ham (~⅛" thick)
4 slices Swiss Cheese (~⅛" thick)
Yellow Mustard
Dill Pickle Slices
Unsalted Butter

Cut ends off Cubano loaf, slice in half lengthwise, then cut in half widthwise into two sandwiches.

Sear ham slices in a flat pan reserving fond for bread.  Grill (toast) sandwich halves face down in ham fond until golden brown.

Smear both sandwich halves with yellow mustard.  On bottom slice of bread mount a layer of dill pickles, followed by the grilled, sliced ham, along with a layer of pulled pork, topped by two slices of the swiss cheese.  To aid in the melting of the cheese you may want to torch the cheese a bit at this point.  Assemble the sandwich.  Generously butter the entire outside of the sandwich.

Preheat two (2) large, flat pans in the oven at about 325º.  Place the sandwich in the bottom pan and place the other pan on top of the sandwich.  Press firmly to flatten the sandwich slightly to ensure the bread gets "toasted" on the outside while heating the contents.  You may, want/have to, flip sandwich to get nice browning.  (a Panini Press or Recolte would come in handy here)  Once browned, plate and serve.

See also: Cubano Sandwich Loaf and Cubano Mojo Pork


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