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Artisanal Sourdough Bread
1-2 Loaves

Qty Size Ingredient
500 gr Sourdough Starter
275 gr Warm Water (~110º)
450 gr Bread Flour
50 gr Whole Wheat Flour
30 gr White Sugar
20 gr Kosher Salt
2 tbls Unsalted Butter (melted)
2 tsp Dough Conditioner
2 tsp Diastatic Malt Syrup (w/Enzymes)

First, in a stand mixer bowl, thoroughly mix the warm water, sugar and malt with the bread flour.  Autolyse for 30 minutes.

Next, measure out the wheat flour, salt and bread conditioner onto a paper plate and mix.  Add this mixture and the melted butter to the stand mixer bowl and kneed with the dough hook, on medium (4), for eight (8) minutes until the dough ball is smooth.  Set aside, covered for 15 minutes.

Slap & fold (~6 times) and let rest 15 minutes.  Repeat 2 more times.

Bulk ferment at 85-90º until doubled, approx. 2 hours.

Preheat oven with stone at 550º for at least an hour.

Lightly form loaf, place on parchment, lower oven to 425º convection... insert loaf.  Hit cast iron pan with one cup water.  5 minutes later, hit it again.*

Bake 50 minutes to 205º.


* Without a cast iron pan, use 4 cups water in a 9x11 pan in the bottom of the oven.

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