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English Muffins
6 Muffins

Qty Size Ingredient
260 gr AP Flour
175 gr Warm Water (~110º)
20 gr Kosher Salt
2 tsp Olive Oil
1 pk Active Dry Yeast
1 stick Unsalted Butter (clarified)
1 lg Egg White
Corn Meal (as needed)

Clarify the butter.

Mix everything but the butter and corn meal together in a bowl.  Cover, set aside in a warm environment (70º-80ºF) until doubled. about an hour or so.

Dump the dough out onto a well floured counter.  Using the least amount of additional flour (it's a very wet dough), knead it just enough to make your dough ball smooth and silky.

Cut into six equal parts (half, then three pizza slices out of each half) and roll into perfect little balls.  Gently flatten out each of the dough balls, sprinkle a generous amount of corn meal on each one, flip, and repeat.  Let sit, covered, for an additional hour to an hour and a half until they have doubled again.

Meanwhile, heat a cast iron skillet (or facsimile) to 375º.  You want the entire skillet to be up to temperature and stabilized, to maximize temperature rebound time.

When everything is ready, pour clarified butter into the pan to at least ⅛", but no more than ¼" deep.  Then gently lay as many muffins into the pan as will fit without crowding.  Having a tiny bit of space between each one would be best.  If you are cooking these in batches, reserve some of the butter to add after each batch.

Cook until just golden brown, about 6 minutes each side.

This is the most critical part.  You want the temperature of the pan/butter to remain as close to 350º-375º as possible.  If the temp drops below 325º it will take more like 9 minutes per side and you risk over cooking the inside while trying to brown the outside.  And if the temp rises above 400º, the outside will brown before the inside is fully cooked.  So a heavy pan that will maintain a uniform temperature and a stove top that you can critically control, will produce the best results.  Good luck.  An Infrared thermometer will help a lot.


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