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Emeril Lagasse's Essence
¾ Cup

Qty Size Ingredient Emeril would find himself using a lot of the same spices, and pretty much in the same quantities, in many of the dishes that he would make. So, to save time, he would mix up this concoction of flavors ahead of time and use it as an "ingredient" in his dishes. Many of his recipes will contain this "single" ingredient as simply, "1 tbls Essence". Emeril often suggested to the viewers of his show to create their own spice blends that reflect their personal tastes and be unafraid to use them to customize the dishes he would teach.
tbls Sweet Paprika
2 tbls Kosher Salt
2 tbls Garlic Powder
1 tbls Fresh Ground Pepper
1 tbls Onion Powder
1 tbls Cayenne
1 tbls Dried Oregano
1 tbls Dried Thyme

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and use a small whisk, or a fork, to mix thoroughly.

Store in a cool, dry, dark place in a sealed Mason jar for up to six months.

Use approximately one tablespoon per pound of meat and rub thoroughly into the meat.

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