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State Fair Lemonade
Serves 6-8

Qty Size Ingredient
9 ea Lemons
5 cups Water
cups White Sugar

If your lemons have a coat of wax from the grocery store, wash and scrub them well.

Using a potato peeler (or knife) peel the zest from 8 of the lemons, reserving the now naked lemon for juicing later.
(Don't worry about a slight amount of pith (the white part) on the zest.  The pith starts out sweet but quickly turns bitter as you go deeper.)

Add the sugar and zest strips to a small bowl and mix until the sugar has completely coated every single zest strip, cover, and let steep overnight (12 hours) at room temp.
(It's called macerating, and specifically in this case, you are creating oleo-saccharum.)

Boil the water in a small sauce pan.  Once it reaches a boil add the macerated lemon zest peels and accompanying sugar, stirring until the sugar is fully dissolved, remove from heat and pour through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl.

Once cooled to room temperature, slice and juice the naked lemons through the same strainer (emptied) into the same bowl.  Then pour into a serving pitcher and chill thoroughly, like hours.
(NO ICE in the pitcher!  You can ice individual glasses if you are serving outside in the heat.)

Garnish with slices from the ninth lemon.
(and a mint leaf and straw if you are really into presentation)


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