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Cubano Mojo Pork
Makes 8 sandwiches

Qty Size Ingredient
4 lbs Pork Butt *
2 heads Garlic
2 ea Shallots
2 lg Navel Oranges
3 ea Limes
2 tbls Dried Oregano
¼ cup Fresh Mint Leaves (chopped)
1 tbls Ground Cumin
2 ea Serrano Chilies
1 cup Olive Oil (the good stuff)
2 tbls Kosher Salt

Zest oranges and limes.  Juice oranges and limes.  Place everything but pork in a blender and blend smooth.  Place pork and mojo marinade in a 1 gal freezer bag and marinade over night.

Place pork and marinade in a dutch oven.  The mojo marinade should submerge the meat about half way.  If not, add chicken stock.  Bake in 350º oven, turning occasionally, for 3-4 hours until ready to pull, or an internal temperature of 190º.

Remove meat and pull.  Skim the grease and oil from the top of the caramelized mojo marinade.  Remove sauce, mix thoroughly and mix into pulled pork.

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